Inspire Your Fire

There's a flame that burns within each of us. I can't tell you what your flame is but through life and your own personality combined with what your interests are I'm sure you can figure out what ignites that fire. We find inspiration daily to keep that fire burning. 

I used to have moments where I pick up a moment of inspiration. It doesn’t happen at a specific given time but when I tune into what people are saying or what is around me, I usually find something that inspire me. Sometimes it’s art, an advertisement, someone’s fashion sense, someone’s kindness, someone’s smile, a wall, a cafe setting, flowers, a song, pretty much anything that you are drawn to because of your own personality. What those things inspire you to do, be or achieve can be totally different from what someone else sees in those things. No one is ever limited to what inspires them. You never know if something that you are doing is inspiring someone to do better with themselves. Sometimes what you said or did could have helped someone get out of something they needed some inspiration to overcome. This reminds me of that quote “smile because you never know who’s day you are making.” I think if you beam positivity, others can too. I’m not saying you can’t have a moment of negativity. Trust me, I’ve had many. But as a say, there’s always light in the darkness. So find that light in anything you do and gravitate towards that. It can help you be a stronger and more positive person with ever step you take.

Be inspired and inspire others.