Mental Health


I’m going to admit that my mental health is taking a beating lately and I’m trying to keep it together. There’s no where to turn most of the time. You can’t even pour enough of yourself out to get the frustration out. So you pour yourself a bourbon instead in hopes that the burn is greater than the pain inside. But it’s not enough. So you pour another.

At my lowest moments, I tend to post more motivation out there to spread good vibes and hopefully get some back in return. It’s not to fish for likes or comments, it’s more like allowing the people around to ask you for help and you end up forgetting just for a short time, your own troubles. You pick up where you left off and realize it’s okay to have breakdowns and moments you lose faith a little. As long as you get it back, you are in control. Tears are not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of emotions. It’s good to show emotions, it how we free our souls.

Always look forward in life. Your past is the stepping stone, take what you want from it, and leave what drags you down. We don’t always have to be happy but don’t stay content either. Do things that make you feel different. Experience life.